Technology requests from Jiangsu Netin Technologies Co., Ltd


Jiangsu Netin Technologies Co., Ltd (Kunshan, China) is looking for institutes, companies, specialists for cooperation in three areas:

1. Modernization of the existing video surveillance systems of the smart city made according to the GB / T 28181-2016 standard to the GB / T 35114-2017 standard.

2. Autonomous voice recognition and speech synthesis systems (Android, Java).

  • Recognition of about 200 command words / grammatical constructions is required in "real" time. Command words are formed at the request of the customer. The recognition must adapt to different noises.
  • Requires an autonomous system for converting textual information into voice with support for Chinese, English and other languages; support for the choice of speed, volume, intonation.

3. Recognition of images of waste.

It is required to distinguish: recyclable materials, hazardous waste, household waste, other waste in low-resolution images. Recognition time <1 sec.

Proposals should be sent to the Republican Center for Technology Transfer in the Kunshan (Belarus) Contact Center for Talents and Scientific and Technical Innovations.