A Korean SME is looking for partner companies with expertise in surge protective devices (SPD) and non-combustible panels


A Korean SME is specialized in manufacturing mainly two products:

  • surge protective device (SPD) and
  • non-combustible panels for multi-purpose (typically used for building materials).

The company is looking for specifically two things below:

  1. Technology of measuring deterioration degree of MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor), used in SPD.
  2. Providing additional functions to panels besides the non-combustible one.

1: MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) is a crucial component of determining the lifespan of SPD(Surge Protective Device). The Korean company is currently having difficulty in that they cannot check how much MOV's life is left and thus cannot predict when to exchange devices. For that reason, the company is looking for a partner firm that can provide advanced technical knowledge in measuring MOV's deterioration degree, which makes the product more efficient: giving users information about the remaining lifespan of SPD or when to replace the device. The company wishes to accomplish this goal, develop it together with a partner under cooperation agreements, and is also open to setting up a joint venture.

2: The Korean firm is currently manufacturing panels (mostly used for building materials) that are fire-resistant. The firm is looking for partners possessing technologies that can provide additional functions to the panels other than the fire resistance they already have. For example, soundproof functions, eco-friendly or biodegradable materials, etc). Functions or values, anything that can enhance the competitiveness of the product in the market. For this cooperation, the company is also interested in licensing.

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