Technology Transfer Training Needs Assessment: Manual and Toolkit published


WIPO published - Richard Lorenz, Technology Transfer Training Needs Assessment: Manual and Toolkit. Geneva: WIPO, 2022. - 88 p.

The aim of the manual and toolkit is to enable the assessment of training needs for organizations involved with intellectual property management, technology transfer and commercialization/utilization. This manual and toolkit supports readers with limited knowledge of training needs to identify gaps in skills and competencies and to design effective training programs.

This publication was developed within the framework of the Development Agenda Project on Intellectual Property Management and Transfer of Technology: Promoting the Effective Use of Intellectual Property in Developing Countries, Least Developed Countries and Countries with Economies in Transition, approved by the WIPO Committee on Development and Intellectual Property at its 19th session in May 2017.

The Manual can be downloaded here.

Survey tools and forms can be downloaded here.