The section "Consulting" on RCTT's Internet portal updated


The "Consulting" section contains the "Technology Transfer Dictionary" and "Frequently Asked Questions" subsections.

"Technology Transfer Dictionary" contains a collection of terms related to commercialization and technology transfer in alphabetical order with explanations and interpretations.

The "Frequently Asked Questions" subsection contains answers to frequently asked questions related to commercialization and technology transfer, intellectual property protection in various countries and regions of the world, and is divided into subsections:      

  • "General questions"
  • "Africa"
  • "Belarus"
  • "European Union"
  • "India"
  • "China"
  • "Latin America"
  • "Russia"
  • "USA"
  • "South-East Asia".

In the subsection "Frequently Asked Questions" you will find, in particular, answers to questions such as: 

  • Is it possible to register a trade mark for different classes of products or services in Costa Rica?
  • How much does it cost to apply for a trade mark in Costa Rica?
  • How long does patent protection last in Costa Rica?
  • How long does it take to get a patent granted in Costa Rica?
  • Are unregistered designs protected in Costa Rica?
and others.